This is my first post, so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Kim Roberts and I’m a Florida native; born in Miami in 1971. From the beginning, I was influenced by the amazing architecture of South Florida. My sister, who was 12 years older, educated me about the styles of architecture and mid-century modernism in particular. When she moved to Manhattan in the mid 80s, I was only 14, and my love for art, architecture and fashion grew even deeper. I would visit her sometimes twice a year and it changed my life. I have continued my visits through the years and consider it my home away from home.

I am a lifelong thrifter, and I’ve always loved modernism and mid-century modern design. To keep my obsession in check, I started selling online in 2006 and opened my Etsy shop in 2010. My boyfriend, Kelly, also has a vintage furniture business called KL VintageModern. We each have our own shops, but we collaborate together on buying and brainstorming.

We are also currently renovating our 1959 mid-century modern home that we just bought last December. After living in a 600 square ft. apartment together for over 3 years, it’s such a treat to have our own place. Kelly now has a large workshop to restore and build furniture, and I’ve got an incredible yard to work in!

I’m also a collector of vintage clothing and accessories, with 12 years of experience as an apparel buyer and manager in the surf and skateboarding industry. I finally decided to leave the surf industry and just focus on my Etsy shop and photography school (almost done.. Yippee!). I am also raising my 5-year-old grandson, so I am quite busy these days! (Yes, I’m a young grandma).

Kelly has over 25 years of experience as a graphic artist and has worked exclusively with Apple computers since the late 80s. The combination of his talents as a graphic artist and master craftsman led him to design AND bring his own creations to life. He has handcrafted and sold approximately 20 amazing mid-century style tables of varying shapes and sizes. He has recently begun restoring and then selling vintage mid-century modern pieces with success. Here are just a few of these treasures…


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