Friday Favorites

Today, I’m inspired by anything related to vintage sewing. This vintage 1960s Gimbels sewing machine is one of my very favorite things! I found it at a thrift store hiding under a dingy old case, for $20! I’ve been searching for the perfect vintage aqua sewing machine for years and this is the one. It also came with all of the original accessories AND the manual. When I gave it a test run, it ran fine, but Kelly and I decided to get it serviced so I could have it for many more years. I just love it!

I also love vintage thread on wooden spools and I’ve decided to share some of these in my Etsy shop. I was excited this morning when I was notified by vintageaimee that she included these in her treasury list . It’s really great to meet new people and help each other out!

I’m also inspired by this super organized area for fabric and can’t wait to get my workspace finished.

Kelly is working hard to complete our workspace, and he’s refinishing our vintage 1950s Geneva metal kitchen cabinets. I’ll be giving updates on this as soon as he’s done with the next phase…

You can see the original cabinets below. They’re going to be painted next, and then we have another large section with counter space that needs to be refinished. I know it will look amazing with my vintage sewing machine!


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