Raymor Pottery

While I’m on a studio pottery roll, I just had to mention one of my favorite artists, Aldo Londi. He created numerous beautiful pieces for Bitossi and they were then distributed in the U.S. by Raymor. You can still find the Raymor sticker on the bottom of a lot of these pieces if you can find them. I found this one years ago at a thrift shop, but they are becoming more rare. Below is another amazing piece…

The colors are always so beautiful! I sold this vase and Lane table on ebay, but I couldn’t part with my Selig chair. I’ve done some research and learned that it was designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen. I was thrilled about this because he also designed my favorite chair as seen here. To this day, I still think the Ib Kofod-Larsen chairs were a couple of my best thrift shop discoveries.

Kelly and I are heading out bright and early tomorrow to do some treasure hunting, so hopefully we’ll find some Raymor pottery or great chairs. Part of the thrill is… you just never know!!!


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