A stroll down memory lane…

Sometimes I like to look back at my sold ebay items and think, “Why did I get rid of that?” But seriously, we can’t hold onto everything. Here are a few of my favorites that I decided to part with.

The amazing dish above was designed by Michael Lax. This Capri line was made for Hyalyn and came in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This is actually one of the more dramatic examples from that line. I found this at a thrift shop and it was in perfect condition. The ends are genuine teak.

I found these teak candle holders at Renninger’s Flea market. I sold them because I knew that I would never use them as candle holders. I recently found the smallest one to this set that isn’t included here, and now I’d like to find the others (again). Haha..

I almost ran to this lamp when I saw it at a thrift shop. Luckily, I was able to grab it before anyone else did after walking casually over to it. It’s really rare to find a mid century lamp that is (1.) clean and modern (2) in perfect condition (3) the right price…$2.

I actually kept this for a bit and enjoyed it before selling it. It was definitely one of my favorites, though.

I was excited when I found these. I remember how sturdy and sleek they were. I just didn’t use them and I had no room to display them, so I passed them along to someone else who would appreciate them.

This Dansk decanter, designed by Gunnar Cyren is one of my favorite glass pieces. This one is on its way to California. Have no fear, I kept mine; this is an extra that I found in a thrift store.

This is when I started to experiment with setting up vignettes to sell my items. This was in my old apartment, and I was selling the Hyalyn ashtray and the handmade pillow. I later sold the chair and gave the rug to a friend when I moved, but I kept the tulip table and of course, my vinyl collection!


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