Surf Town

Today I stopped in to visit my old coworkers at the local surf shop, where I worked for 7 years. Inlet Charley’s surf shop has been in business for over 30 years, and it was started by a pro surfer and his wife. They owned it until just a few years ago, and I was lucky to be able to work with them; they were good to us. I stayed for another few years after that, and just felt that it was time to move on and focus on school. It was hard to walk away, but I was happy to be able to stay in touch with my old friends, and the shop is actually within walking distance from my house. I was surprised to get a phone call yesterday from my old boss, asking me to come back. I have to admit that it’s seriously tempting. Just like any other job, it had its good points and bad. I’ve been gone for a year, and I still think about what it would be like to be back there as if nothing had ever changed. We were like a big family, and I honestly had some of my best times there. So I have a couple of days to think about it. It’s just a really difficult decision. The surf and skate culture is a unique and fun place to be and I feel lucky and privileged to be a part of it. Here are some bits of vintage surf and skate inspiration I’d like to share…

Vintage 60s Ventures album. Source, Flickr

Vintage John Severson “The Angry Sea” surf movie poster. This poster will be going in our room soon…

Previous 3 vintage skateboarding photos: Kelly Lynn (my love) in the late 70s….and he’s still an amazing skateboarder!

Old VW Bus. My dream vehicle. Source: Flickr

Vintage 70s surfboards from Surfing Cowboys, one of my favorite vintage shops.

Classic shot of Pat McGee on the cover of LIFE magazine. Kelly actually has an old copy of this!

Beautiful collage.  Source: Dig Under Rocks

Our inlet. I took this during an evening bike ride. Well, I have a lot of thinking to do…


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