On the road

I love old cars. I’d love to take countless photos of them and add them to my growing collection. I saw this one the other day, with two elderly gentlemen cruising along. I can’t help but wonder if the driver has owned it since it was new…

I have a LONG day tomorrow in the darkroom. I need to prepare myself mentally and pace myself. We have a huge assignment due next Monday, and I’d like to get it done a little early.

We’re going to the annual Renninger’s Extravaganza on Friday in Mt. Dora, so we’re super excited about that. It’s a huge outdoor flea market with vendors from all over the country, and we always find great stuff there. So I’m going to spend the rest of the night organizing everything I need for tomorrow, so I won’t have this assignment looming over my head while I’m trying to enjoy myself on Friday!


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