Florida MCM

One of the great things about going on photo assignments is that I’m forced to explore. I stumbled upon this abandoned gem one day and my heart immediately started racing. I pulled in the driveway, checked everything out, and took some pictures. I love the windows!! My dream is to own a mid century modern home and this one would definitely work! All it needs is a little TLC (ok, a lot).

From here, you can see the clerestory windows in the living room. These are on the east side of the house, so the morning sun comes through. Check out the original bullet porch lights!!

I had to take Kelly back to see this house, so we drove back up to see it and the real estate agent was there! I approached her at the front door and she was very nice and gave us a tour of the house! The price was super cheap, but it need a LOT of major work. So sad… I would love to care for a house like this. One day…

This was taken from the interior. There were terrazzo floors throughout (sigh) and original cabinetry in the kitchen (unbelievable). I’m hoping that someone will appreciate it for what it is and keep it as original as possible.


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