Today we went to the Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza, which is held 3 times a year. Kelly and I started going this year, back in January and their other events are held in February and November. I had been going for about 4 years before I met him, so I definitely wanted him to check it out. It’s one of the things we love to do together. Today was a gorgeous day for it, so here are some photos…

It takes a while to find mid century modern items here, so we get really excited when they pop up. Somebody made the sad mistake of painting these knockoff Cherner chairs yellow! We could have refinished them, but they were sold anyway…

This booth had some fun stuff!

Some more oddities of the flea market!

We didn’t walk away with much, but yesterday’s thrifting made up for it. Now it’s time to get organized and list some stuff!


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