Shop View

The holiday season is in full swing at the surf shop, where I’ve worked for close to 8 years. We had a little rain shower last night due to a short cold front (the temperature is plunging to the 60s, haha). Here’s the sunset view of the street from the entrance, looking east and west.

You can drive on our beach, so this is one of the entrances. It’s the busiest out of about 4 ramps during the summer. Flagler Ave. is a historical area with some of the oldest buildings in town. It’s really quite beautiful, and there are countless events and art festivals held here as well as parades during the holidays. No wonder I just can’t leave this place. Plus, it’s a bonus that I live just a few blocks away…

I’m done for the week at the surf shop, so now it’s time to concentrate on my Etsy shop and school projects. I’ve only got 3 weeks of school left for this semester, so there’s a lot I need to wrap up, including my portfolio that will include 20 darkroom prints and 20 digital prints. I’ll be mounting most of them this week and working on a new assignment. I am so ready for a vacation!


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