Our Little Tree

This is our new/old little aluminum tree! Kelly and I are so excited about our new addition, since our other tree was very cute, but only a foot tall. This one is only 4ft. but that’s all we need! We just love it and we had fun finding ornaments and decorating it. I’m just so glad that we’re on the same page when it comes to decorating. It makes things so much easier.

Here’s Kelly hard at work listing his items on eBay for the holiday season!

I had a successful day of wrapping up some things at school. I presented my final digital photography portfolio, took my final exam and turned two papers in. Wednesday is our last day of the semester; I can’t believe it! I’ll be presenting my darkroom photo portfolio and then I’m done!

Tomorrow is packed full of things to do…

  1. put final touches on portfolio
  2. ship Etsy items
  3. take Etsy photos
  4. plan Cadell’s birthday (my grandson)
  5. put winter clothes away/organize
  6. laundry

This is more than enough to keep me busy. I’ll be glad to get half of it done, honestly. I can do it!!


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