Michael Lax is one of my favorite designers, and I discovered him when I found a piece from his Capri for Raymor line. There are several pottery pieces from this series; all clean and modern with bit of teak on each of them. Here’s the piece I sold…

I kind of regret parting with it, but I’m sure it has a good home.  By the way, that’s one of Kelly’s custom hairpin leg tables.

Here’s the latest Michael Lax piece that we acquired. Kelly actually found it while he was treasure hunting last week. His skills are really great! He has a good eye and actually remembers what I tell him to look for. I’m so proud of him; this pan is amazing!

Super clean and the color is gorgeous. It almost makes me want to include this color in our kitchen. I think I’ll pass it on to someone who is just dying to have it, soooo up it goes in my Etsy shop!


One thought on “Copco

  1. Is such a pity to use these amazing stuff to cook and eat 😦
    They look so nice new! 😀

    Thanks for sharing them…I think I will start to look around to find some of this designer works.


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