Etsy Treasury!

I just wanted to share this great treasury that isabelmirapeix created. She included my square butcher block Sexton clock that I just listed. She included a lot of other wonderful items, so be sure to check out those shops, too!

We had a long, but fun day of thrifting today. I found a few really great items, including a yellow Dansk Kobenstyle pot AND another yellow enamel pot at a completely different shop. We also found a really nice small storage cabinet and a Hans Wegner stool!! Ok, we’re pretty sure it’s a Hans Wegner piece, but we’re not 100% positive. According to one that matched on 1st Dibs, and another site, it is. I would feel better if I saw it on a more reputable site, because some dealers claim that the design is “attributed” to so-and-so, just to sell their pieces. We like to know for sure before making any claims.

So the stool is in rough shape, but in a good way. We plan to keep it, and we’ve got some good plans for it. I’ll save that for another post… One of these days I’ll do a complete post of our chairs, which includes pieces by Paul McCobb, Eames x2, Ib Kofod Larson, and some other amazing and unusual ones that are of unknown origin. Yes, we love chairs!

I wanted to post some photos of the goods, but we got home just before dark and I refuse to shoot photos with a flash, and it’s too much of a production to set the lights up. I’ll properly post some sneak peeks of my new shop items on Wednesday when I have more time. ♥


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