Valentine’s Day Treasuries

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so a few of my Etsy shop items have been included in some really beautiful treasuries. Here are a couple of my favorites…

Modern Love by irenesuchocki. Her shop has some gorgeous fine art photography prints, so check it out!

Adam & Eve’s Story by meltemsem.

I’m always thrilled and flattered to be a part of these treasuries. The exposure really seems to help, too. I’d really love to curate some of my own, but I just don’t have the time right now. I have a feeling that it’s harder than it looks, too!

Speaking of not having enough time, I’ve completed my first week back to school and I’m a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. I’ll be constantly working on photo assignments and ideas, reading, research, etc..(I secretly love it). I’ll have to come up with a really good way to manage my time and come up with a schedule for myself. It’s really easy to put things off and then realize at the last minute that you have to pull a rabbit out of your hat! I’m not going to do that this semester…Well, I’ll TRY not to do that. I’m all for balance, and I really feel that it’s healthy to mix up some good old fashioned hard work with a bit of fun and rewards for that hard work. There’s nothing better than having that sense of accomplishment after you’ve completed something you slaved and stressed over. When it’s done, you can kick back, relax (temporarily, at least), and do something fun. It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over. I think the key is finding work that you enjoy, even though it can be stressful at times due to deadlines and having to produce another person’s assignment or job. When I was younger, I was really stressed out about not knowing what I wanted to do professionally. Sometimes it takes longer to figure things out and discover what you really love to do. Some people have a career for years, only to discover that they hate it 20 years later. I really believe that in order to be successful, you absolutely have to do what you love. When this happens, you’ll find yourself working on things until your nodding off, and then you still don’t want to go to bed. It’s such a great feeling to get up in the morning and know that you’ll be working on something that means something to you and inspires you. That’s how I decided to be serious about photography. As difficult or stressful as school can be, I feel that it’s all worth the effort.  On that note, it’s time to brainstorm on some ideas for my first assignment!


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