The Extravaganza!

As usual, we had a great time at Renninger’s. I’m sad that we’ll have to wait until November for the next one. We saw a lot of great original pieces, including a set of Bertoia chairs, a set of Platner chairs, a variety of Eames chairs, and lots of other mid century modern furniture and housewares. We left with two Jens Risom inspired side chairs for a great price, and a Danish modern tea cart or rolling bar that we saw at the January show. We were really glad it was still there! At the last minute, we found some really great small hairpin leg tables that we’ll use on the deck for plant stands. I’ll shoot some photos of those later. We came really close to buying the Bertoia chairs, but decided not to at the end. We always leave with a feeling of “we should’ve bought…”, but there’s always next time!

Kelly is super busy refinishing the furniture we already have and he’s going to start on the tea cart today. He did an amazing job refinishing the Italian rocker we found at the last show, and we have new cushions for it as well. I’ll post some photos of it when he assembles it. We’re glad to say that this business is more than full time and worth it. I’m almost caught up on my home chores and school projects, so I’m going to shoot some photos for my Etsy shop today for a bit. I’ll post some sneak peeks of my new items later!

We have another busy week ahead of us, full of projects and now that the weather is getting nicer, we’ll be working and spending more time outside. I purchased an annual pass for our local inlet park, which has a long boardwalk that I love to walk/jog and take photos at, so I’ll be spending a lot of time there. Also, our NSB Skate Park will be having a two year anniversary party on Saturday with live bands, contests and food, so that should be a lot of fun! I’m glad to get this week started- happy Monday, everyone!




3 thoughts on “The Extravaganza!

    • Thanks for checking it out, Karly! Yeah, I’ve had it for 8 months now. I try to post regularly; it’s kind of a creative outlet that incorporates my photography and Etsy shop.

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