My Weekend


I had an incredibly busy week that continued into the weekend. School was hectic and stressful because I had to meet with one of my professors about my portfolio project. You have to submit your idea and hope he goes along with it, or you have to come up with a new idea. I completely drove myself crazy with an idea that would work for me. I wanted it to be something that I enjoy shooting, so I chose to do it on vintage signs, old neon, etc. To mix it up, I’m doing a lot of night shots, which will be a new challenge for me. I’m actually really looking forward to getting some shots. I’ve got some locations in mind, and I have a few shots already. My professor was pleased and gave me some tips on night shooting, as well. I also had two critiques that went really well, so my week was pretty good. On Friday, I made plans to go to Deland for a VW car show so I could get some shots for my next assignment in digital imaging. We decided to get up early and go thrifting all day in Cocoa and then head over to the car show. We were pretty successful and managed to get some things for our shop inventory and I found a few goodies for myself, like an amazing Jonathan Adler vase! When we got to the car show, it was nice and low-key, not too crowded. I managed to get plenty of shots to work with, as well as an unexpected shot for my portfolio project. It was a fun day, and we were super beat when we got home..

On Saturday, we had plans to go to the NSB Skate Park 2 year anniversary party. So I picked up my grandson and we headed over there. We all had a great time, and I managed to get lots of shots. There were lots of kids there that were Cadell’s age, so it worked out perfectly. I kept Cadell over for the night, so we ended our day with some beach time. I cherish these moments!

Have a great week, everyone! It’s time for me to get back into work mode…


3 thoughts on “My Weekend

    • Emma, if you live anywhere near Pennsylvania, you can check it out. It’s kind of like a traveling flea market. Check out the Renninger’s Flea Market website to see if it’s held somewhere close to you. It’s truly amazing! 🙂


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