Grind For Life

Last weekend we went to the Grind For Life benefit at our local skate park. This organization assists families who are suffering from the effects of cancer, by assisting with travel and hotel expenses, and medical costs. This is made possible through donations that largely come from the skateboarding community. It was started by Mike Rogers, a lifelong skateboarder who is a cancer survivor. We are proud to have these events at our local skatepark and Kelly participates in the contests held by Mike and his organization.

Kelly, skating during his heat. Speaking of heat, it was roasting that day.. But it was great to be outside in the Florida sunshine.

Kelly, with Martin Ramos, owner of Kona Skate Park in Jacksonville. Photo by Mike Rogers.

New Smyrna Beach Skate Park bowl. Photo by Mike Rogers.

Kelly’s deck and trucks, perfectly worn…  Later that day we were invited to a BBQ out in the middle of nowhere, with a concrete bowl (a very large one) built by some of the guys from Team Pain, and there are some other homemade skate areas that are perfect for the kiddies. We had a blast!

This is the view from the deep end of the bowl. Some of the Grind For Life competitors started showing up to skate.

This kid had some great artwork on his deck.

Alex Sorgente always puts on a great show.

The “FiberRider”.

The kids were great..

What a great day!


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