Retro-Fiend Update

We’ve just listed this amazing Danish modern chair on Retro-Fiend, so be sure to check it out. Kelly completely refinished it and had it reupholstered, so it’s in perfect condition!

Kelly is also working on some other new items to put up for sale on Retro-Fiend, including this Vornado fan-just in time for the summer heat!

I’ve been shooting with film lately, so I’ll share those after I get some of the good shots processed. Since we’re doing it ourselves at school, it’s a tedious process. We’re learning how to adjust the color and exposure on the enlargers and it’s easy to spend all day in the darkroom. I hated it at first, but as soon as I produced some great photos, I felt completely different about it. I’ve even decided to expand my film camera collection, and my latest addition is a 1950s Zeiss Contaflex. I had a Zeiss lens on my Sony camera, so I know how great they are. I can’t wait to receive it, and I’ll post some pictures of that too.

This is my first day off in almost 2 weeks, so I really have to get some things done around the house. If I can make some progress this morning, I may treat myself to a little beach time…

Here’s my list::

  • organize photography supplies
  • catch up on email
  • list items on Etsy
  • shop around for fisheye lens
  • clean apt.
  • laundry

In reality, I have a lot more to do, but this is a starting point. Off I go!!


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