Well, I successfully completed the summer semester from hell that everyone at school dreaded. We had a combination of large format photography, color processes (printing our own photos from negatives), multimedia/working in Final Cut, and a field survey class with lots of discussions and lectures. Whew! It’s done, and I received an A in each class. Time to celebrate and go thrifting! This was my first post-summer semester find…

A vintage Cathrineholm enamel bowl! After thrifting for years, this was the first time I came across one, so I was excited. Please excuse the iPhone shot. I wanted to post it quickly. I’ll be posting proper shots and my Etsy shop updates tomorrow evening. I found some other goodies today, and hopefully I’ll have more to share after we go thrifting tomorrow. I have a breakfast date with my sweetie bright and early, and then we’ll be making the thrift shop rounds. I can’t wait!


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