Renninger’s Loot

Last month we went to our favorite flea market, Renninger’s Extravaganza. They’re held three times a year, and we count the days til we can go to each one. It’s definitely one of our favorite things to do together. Here’s our furniture haul from the last trip!

Left to right: 2 Drexel side tables, a Selig lounge chair (we’ll reupholster the cushions), Mersman coffee table, triangle side table with lamp built in, mid-century chair with floral fabric (we’ll have reupholstered), atomic bar stools (also need to be refinished), Danish modern floor lamp.

This Selig chair has great bones, and it just needs a little TLC and new fabric.

I love the simplicity of these Drexel tables. We’re not sure if we’re selling these yet…

I found this within five minutes of walking through the gate. I just need to dust the cobwebs off and give this a good cleaning/oiling and it will make a gorgeous lamp!

These atomic stools will need the most work, but I couldn’t resist! We got a great deal on them. I actually like that they’re original, but they definitely need to be reupholstered. This will be a fun project for me.

Well, I’ll be super busy for the next two days because Tuesday is our last day of school for the semester, and then I’ll have a month off. I can’t wait! This semester has been the toughest yet because it’s getting close to graduation. Next semester I’ll be taking a commercial photography class which includes using the 4 x 5 large format camera (again) and a location photography class. The commercial/illustration class is going to be a tough one..

My plans for my break include putting a lot of time into my Etsy shop and getting caught up on lots of projects. We also have another flea market extravaganza to go to in the middle of January, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m hoping for some great things to happen!




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