New home details

We’ve been working on our new 1959 mid-century home for the last 4 days. The 2.5 car garage needs foundation work and it was completely full, so we’ve been clearing that (which was completed today). I also discovered that the kitchen cabinets were solid wood and original to the house, so we decided to refinish those. The problem was that they had been resurfaced with faux wood grain formica. That came off easily, but the two layers of 50 year old contact paper on the interior shelves did not. That took a complete 10 hours or more to remove, plus blisters and raw skin on my hands, but it was so worth it. I’ll be posting before and after photos once they’re completed. They are now completely prepped and sanded thanks to Kelly coming to my rescue. Today we had our air ducts cleaned and the entire house wiped down. The air scrubbers will run for three days, so we’ll be packing in the meantime and shopping for a washer/dryer (YAY!!!) and new sink for the bathroom. We’re exhausted, but so happy. These are just a few details around the home that I love…

Terrazzo floors. I love them!

All three bedrooms have original matching wood closet doors with round finger pulls.

Original NuTone fan/heater in the interior bathroom.

More photos and updates soon, so check back!


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