Weekend Projects

One of the things on my to-do list was to create a small bedside area on my side of the bed with a little nightstand or table. Since we have a king bed, it takes up a lot of space and this is all I had to work with. Trust me, we have maximized the space in our bedroom… I was using one of our vintage Knoll side tables, but it was just too low. Last year, Kelly and I found this gorgeous little Danish floating unit, and I was waiting for a perfect spot for it. It fits right in the corner without touching the bed. I know it’s a bit snug, but I don’t mind. I was also searching for a great spot for our glass pendant lamp, so here it is! I love my new little bedside space…

*A side note about the drawer unit. I saw it in a thrift store when I was alone and fell in love with it, but didn’t want to spend $40 on it. I went home and didn’t say anything to Kelly about it, but he brought it home for me a few days later! What a great surprise!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Projects

  1. Like a picture taken straight out of magazine. I just love all your pretty things. The lamp is AMAZING and that little side table looks like it was made to go there. Is that a candle holder with the air plant? If so…very clever. Kelly is a keeper….. so sweet.

    • Thank you, Stacey! Although, after seeing your gorgeous home, mine feels a little “ghetto”..haha. I’m not sure what the wood pedestal thingy was meant for, but I stick air plants in everything. Our yard is loaded with them and I’m obsessed with saving them when they fall from our oaks.

      Your home is absolutely incredible and you guys are doing such a great job restoring it! I’ve really been enjoying your blog.

      • Thank you so much. I love your style! One question… I’ve actually had a couple air plants die on me (how is that even possible? Only I would kill a plant that requires air.) I want to buy a few more. Any suggestions on what to get? or you’ve had luck with. Thanks

  2. They all seem to respond well to watering about once a week or maybe even less. I think the key is to let them dry thoroughly so they don’t rot. I basically just leave mine alone with the exception of watering and trimming the dead leaves from the bottom. I love them because they don’t require soil and can be easily moved. They also seem to prefer shaded areas or filtered light, and they like to be misted. 🙂

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