Around the house.

Just a quick “Around the house” post…  1.  Some of my favorite books that inspire me.  2.  My vintage Yamaha stereo & Sony turntable (both thrifted) + another shot of my records.  3.  My new ceramic Äsker wall pocket from Ikea.

I’ve been busy working on some shop updates and getting the house organized. As you all know, it’s a never-ending process. To add to our work, we just bought the lot next to us so we could have a spot for Kelly’s future skate pool. It’s really gorgeous with lots of old palms and oak trees. We had some dead trees taken down yesterday, and we’ll have a privacy fence up soon. Once it shapes up a bit, I’ll post some photos.

I’m hoping to take an out of town thrift trip on Thursday, so I’ll share my finds after I get back. Hope everyone has a great week!


6 thoughts on “Around the house.

  1. Hey Kimberly! Gorgeous as always. I’m about to purchase that little danish candle holder from you on Esty if you don’t mind me stealing your ‘look’ … I love how you put your air plants in them. I want to try that….(hopefully I won’t kill my new ones). I can’t wait to see what you find on your thrift trip. I have a feeling it’s going to probably knock my socks off! A skate pool!!!! I bet Kelly is “stoked”. (sorry that was cheezy) I have several friends who skate and surf and I love the sport.

    • Thank you, Stacey! Of course I don’t mind, it’s a huge compliment!
      Kelly is super stoked and a it’s a dream come true for him. He’s almost 50, and he figured that he should do it while he can still skate it.. haha.. He’s actually designing it and will play a big part in building it with a team of guys who build skate parks/pools for a living. We were really fortunate to grow up in a surf/skate town. I’m sure you know how passionate surfers & skaters can be about their sport.

      • It’s great that he’s still doing it. I’m 44 and my husband is 49 and I as I get older and move slower I look at people like Kelly and think “DAMN, they still got it”! That’s really great. And what great blogging material. HA! Yes, my friends still live for it. Whenever a storm or hurricane is about to blow in they are GONE! I think it’s great. I’m sure you guys have a great music collection too. I need to blog more about the music we love. Anyway that will be a great project for you guys… lots of work, laughter, friends and fun. I’m glad I’m following along to see it happen. Thanks for sharing.

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