Recent thrifty finds.

I found two incredible things this week; a vintage Dansk pepper mill and a Cathrineholm pot. This is pretty rare, especially in my small town. Dansk pepper mills are one of my favorite things to find, and if I’m lucky enough to come across one it makes my day. I started a small collection and I’m completely hooked now. The same goes for Cathrineholm and Dansk Kobenstyle pots, or any old Dansk teak or designs by Jens Quistgaard.

My out of town thrift trip was postponed, but my daughter and I decided to make a trip together next week. I figured I would share these finds with everyone since they’re very worthy of posting!

So what are some of your favorite vintage finds?


4 thoughts on “Recent thrifty finds.

  1. They are VERY worthy of posting! That CH pot looks to be in amazing shape. LUCKY YOU. I’ve never seen one of those in our hunts and I would love to have a few pieces. Your small collection looks beautiful displayed like that. We have found several of those Chemex coffee makers in all sizes. I wish I had kept them. I get so excited for people who find such lovely treasures. Great finds.

      • Stacey, you are just the coolest person & so nice! I’d like to let you know that you’ve inspired me to post more lately, and that’s a very good thing for me, so thank you. 🙂

      • How sweet. Well… if that’s the case, then for selfish reasons… it really ends up being a very good thing for ME! Good luck and enjoy your thrifting next week!

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