I’ve been using the Instagram app for over a year now, and I’m having more fun than ever with it. I’ve also met some fellow MCM enthusiasts from all over the world, and it’s just a fun way to share the things you love. I’m in desperate need of a phone upgrade, so my images aren’t the best they can be, but I’m patient. Check out my other shots and join while you’re at it!


3 thoughts on “Instagram.

  1. Hey Kim. These are really great. I swear I’ll probably be one of the last people on earth to get an iPhone…. Is it silly to want a phone just to do Instagram? HA! The photos take on a look that just makes me HAPPY. Also checked out the Ink361 stuff. Really great. Enjoyed them all. I’ve decided you should add one more thing to your business… selling those amazing air plants that fall out of your trees. Hey, I’d buy ’em!

    • Thanks, Stacey! It’s really fun to play with the filters and it’s quick & easy, but it will never replace my real camera. Kelly just bought a new 4GS iPhone and the photo quality is sooo much better! He’s killing me with it! I just can’t justify shelling out $200 for a phone right now…
      It’s funny you mentioned that about selling the air plants- it’s very tempting! There are some really great shops on Etsy selling them right now.
      Here’s one of my favorites. ➙

      • I’ve just about got myself talked into it. I’m thinking things like “well, my iPod is old and always cutting out on me so I might as well”….. HA HA! Any excuse! Thanks for the Etsy link, I’ll check them out.

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