Around the house + recent thrifty finds

● Ib Kofod-Larsen chair that I thrifted for $25 + Knoll hairpin stool  ● Gardenia from my newly discovered bushes in my yard; such a nice surprise to see and smell  ● Desk artifacts- vintage Upsala Ekeby inspired lamp + various vintage pottery  ● Thrifted chair + Mexican blanket  ● Detailed view of the Mexican blanket- I think it’s a keeper  ● Vintage Hartstone wine carafe- adding to my Etsy shop today  ● Monkeypod bowl- I’ve never seen this shape before!  ● Gorgeous green vintage Raymor pottery- this stuff is getting more difficult to find these days. Love the texture!

I had a nice productive weekend and actually managed to get some yard work done. I couldn’t help myself, the weather is gorgeous right now. I’m also getting excited because Kelly has been working hard to tidy up our new property to get ready for the privacy fence installation, then skate pool construction. Of course, we’re waiting for our permit… We managed to do some out of town thrifting earlier in the week and checked out some new shops. I found a vintage pendant lamp exactly like this one, which I sold in my Etsy shop last year. It came from the same shop, so it was definitely part of a pair. It’s like it was waiting for me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



9 thoughts on “Around the house + recent thrifty finds

  1. That wine carafe is so cool! I’m not familiar with this … but obviously need to be. Love the Raymor pottery – that color is amazing! We’ve only found one piece of this in all of our years of looking. Found it last December, but it’s all white…nothing colorful like this. (jealous!)
    So many wonderful finds, Kim. You have the best luck!

    • Hey Stacey! I love the Hartstone pottery. I just discovered it last year & found this one in the original packaging on ebay while I was doing my research:
      I used to find some amazing Raymor pottery pieces and sold every piece I had- which I now regret. I love the color on this one too; my other ones were multicolored greens or blues. I LOVE them in white!! I think I saw it in one of your posts and died when I saw it…

      • I forgot to add that I keep smelling gardenia! I swear I can almost smell your picture. It’s one of those scents that you never forget and it has invaded my smeller! (so pretty)

  2. You picked up an IB KL iron chair for $25? Major props!

    Love your lighting too. Makes for some pretty slick shots of some pretty slick pieces. Even more props [insert smiley face].

    • Thank you! Yes, I still can’t believe it actually happened! I’d have to say that it was the ultimate find for me and I’ll keep going until I find something that I love as much as that chair.
      Love your blog!

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