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I’m still waiting for the phone fairy to surprise me with a new 4S iPhone… In the meantime, I’ll just continue to play around with my old one.

▲Broyhill Brasilia armoire  ▲Mid-century modern chair ▲Mid-century modern lamp, coming soon to my shop ▲Vintage pottery

Craigslist was good to us this week, thanks to Kelly’s searching skills. We’ve been looking for an Eames Aluminum Group chair for him, but finding one at an affordable price is nearly impossible. He confessed to me a few days ago that he had been watching one on Craigslist that was just an hour away, and I agreed to help him with the cost.. I just wanted to see him get this chair because he deserves it! So here’s an Instagram shot of it, but I plan to do a proper post on it later. This chair is gorgeous! It’s an early one too, manufactured in 1976.

So here’s the office chair we’re replacing. Not too shabby, either…

So Kelly will be selling this beauty after we get some major home projects done. We have the permit for the fence installation, so that should start next week. We also found some quartz kitchen counters on Craigslist this week for $100. It seemed too good to be true, but we have enough to do our entire kitchen. The guy who was selling them has a remodeling business and he took them out of a really nice home. They ended up sitting in his garage and he just wanted to get rid of them. They are literally like brand new! I am so excited to be finishing our kitchen and patience really does pay off! We have been going over different options for our countertops since we found the house. I really wanted to use concrete in the beginning, but for many reasons it wasn’t a good option. Then I priced Corian and other solid surface materials. Zodiaq quartz by DuPont was my first choice overall, but I quickly found that it wasn’t an option due to price. Well now it is!! That’s exactly what we ended up with, and the color is perfect and actually one of my favorites. I’m honestly stunned and I can’t wait to share the progress once we get it going. I’ve got plenty of “before” photos, so I plan on putting something together soon. Right now, Kelly is taking exact measurements, and we’re searching for the perfect faucet/sink since we need to get the counters cut for them also.

I swear, we’re probably the only people NOT doing the typical outdoor/beach/BBQ Memorial Day weekend thing. We love to do these things, but we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get these countertops and now we’re completely engrossed in getting this kitchen done. Besides, there’s a tropical storm on the way here…

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I’d love to hear some advice/stories on kitchen remodeling experiences. I know how frustrating it can be, but also very rewarding!


9 thoughts on “Instagram + Craigslist

  1. Oh wow, I have some instagram-fakes ready to post too! (I know yours are real!) Love these… and I’m still waiting for my iPhone too!! I wish that phone fairy will hurry already and hook us both up! Oh how we love the toys. GET OUT OF TOWN! That chair is awesome, Kim. I’ve lusted over the Aluminum group loungers with stool for as long as I can remember. SO JEALOUS… and so happy for you guys. Wonderful find!
    A big high-five on the quartz score too. We did our kitchen remodel last October and I used Silestone quartz. It was THE BEST decision I have ever made in this house and I will never have anything else. I have concrete in the bathroom and I can tell you that you DO NOT want it in the kitchen. Too porous… even with a sealer and wax… it will get stained. So excited to see that come together for you. Have a wonderful Memorial Day… enjoy your BBQ. Hope the storm doesn’t cause too much trouble for you.

    • Thanks, Stacey! I am SO glad to hear some good feedback on the quartz! I love your kitchen, and I was wondering what material you chose for the countertops. I’m also glad I made a wise decision when it came to not using concrete. Ha, wait til ya see what I’ve got’s sooo bad. Picture butter yellow formica from the 70s. 🙂

      • ooooo, pretty! Talk about vintage, huh. HA HA! I’m sure you still managed to have a gorgeous kitchen even with the buttery yellow. But the quartz will “rock” your world! (no pun intended…okay maybe!) We’re horrible about leaving coffee and wine rings and crap all over the counter and it just wipes right up! You’ll be so happy. I’M SO EXCITED for you… I’ve got to calm down! (LOL)

      • Really! Now I’m all for vintage and everything, but that’s where I draw the line. When it comes to certain things, like the kitchen or bathroom, I prefer new. I like shiny new faucets and sinks that aren’t funky! Hahaha..

    • Thank you, Lindsey! Yes, there are four small drawers on one side, and then three shelves on the other. It’s really functional and super sturdy. We’re hoping to find the highboy dresser, but I’m sure we won’t get the same deal as the armoire. We found it in a local thrift store for $100. I think I saw them selling for around $800. Yikes!

      • AHHH! That’s like the score of the century! This piece is so gorgeous! Good luck on your hunt! May the picking/thrifting/antiquing gods be with you! 🙂

  2. What! You found that armoire on Craigslist?! Do people how gorgeous some of these pieces are before they decide to part with them? Oh well, their loss is your gain I suppose.

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