Around the house ➤ Outdoors

We had some much needed rain this weekend due to the tropical storm that was brewing off the coast. I love how everything comes alive after it rains, so I went outside to shoot some of my favorite things about our yard.

One of my favorite things is being outdoors and gardening. I’m so excited to finally have a yard to grow all types of plants. It’s a lot of work, but I get a lot of satisfaction from yard work and caring for plants. Speaking of yard work, Kelly is going to pick up some fence supplies today, so we’re getting closer to our fence project! I’ll be working inside because my Etsy shop desperately needs some attention. I’ve got a handful of new items to list, so I can’t wait to get them in my shop. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Around the house ➤ Outdoors

  1. Seriously? This is your yard? I think you’re the luckiest person I know! GORGEOUS, Kim. Everything is so green and lush…. looks like you’re in “another world” or something. Well, I guess you kind of are. Florida is like no other. Your pictures are lovely and you know I have an air plant fetish… love seeing those just growing on the trees. (jealous) The mushrooms and moss are pretty great too. I see why you love working out here. It’s an oasis.

    • Thanks, Stacey! We’re still in the clean-up phase of the yard work. The biggest pain is raking/bagging the leaves, but the trade off is having the nice oak trees. I’m really looking forward to getting the fence installed so we can have more privacy. Since we’re on a corner lot, I feel like we’re on display sometimes. That’s not all bad because that motivates me to keep the yard nice!
      I really love your outdoor space too! As you already know, it’s hard to pick which projects to work on first, whether it’s indoors or out! 🙂

      • A fence will be really nice, I can see where that would be a necessity on a corner lot. You’ll love that privacy and how it tends to just frame all the beauty that is yours and keep the other stuff out. We are always having to rake leaves (ugh). We’ve been slammed by so many hurricanes that everyone’s lost so many beautiful trees and lots that remain are “not well”. Seeing your gorgeous trees makes me sad for all the ones we lost. Trees are like people… they get better and more beautiful with age…. you just appreciate them so much. (you hate to lose them) Thanks for sharing the pics… it gives me such a lovely visual of your outdoor space.

      • Oh goodness… yes, It’s me again! (sorry, last one!) You said you were going to list new store items so I visited your shop and spotted your birth date. Kim, mine is October 20th! LIBRA!
        I knew it! (lol). Okay, have a good one…

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