Shop updates!

I was finally able to get some new items listed in my Etsy shop, & here are a few of my favorites…

Illuminated globe from DenmarkHartstone wine toteGoodwood teak salad bowl setArthur Umanoff tray

Things are buzzing around here lately and things are moving along. The fence should be completely installed this week and we’ll be receiving our new kitchen sink & faucet today. So now we can go ahead and have the quartz countertops cut as soon as Kelly finishes all of the measurements for them. I am so excited about this and grateful for everything I have. I have actually been at a point in my life where I didn’t have a kitchen (just a small refrigerator, microwave), so this is HUGE!

I’ll be posting some shots of the fence later this week, so check back!


2 thoughts on “Shop updates!

  1. I swear Kim, your pictures make me want to buy everything! I love the teak bowls and trays… the wood is yummy! We’ve found a few globes in our hunts… a really cool black one too. Love that it lights up and it looks pristine.
    Can’t wait to see the fence. I saw a peek of the panels on your instagrams. HOW EXCITING! I’ll try to wait patiently. HA 🙂
    P.S. Congrats on your big rex kelly instagram win!

  2. Thank you, Stacey! Ohhh, I really like the black globes! So yeah, I have a little thing for wood… :O
    I’m excited about winning the contest, and can’t wait to place an order!

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