Around the house.

Since it rained all week, I wasn’t able to get any shots of the completed fence and things are a mess out there. We’ll be spending some time this week cleaning around the yard if the rain gives us a break.

The rain didn’t spoil ALL of our fun last week… I was super excited to find the perfect vintage light for our hallway to replace the hideous faux gold with ruffled glass shade fixture. It needed a little work, but Kelly worked his magic and restored it to the original finish. We also ordered a gorgeous vintage light fixture for our entrance, so Kelly will be installing that when the weather clears.

▲ Danish modern chair, thrifted by Kelly  ▲ Teak teardrop lamp + new thrifted pottery  ▲ Hairpin leg shadows  ▲ Vintage hall lamp, found on Etsy at Tinted Vintage  ▲ Lane secretary in our office  ▲ Sunset shadows in our living room

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


5 thoughts on “Around the house.

  1. LOVE that light in your hallway. Super fine! It looks practically new… so you must have worked a little magic on it. Perfect spot. Who makes the end table by the couch? The shape and hair pin legs are wonderful.

    • Hi Stacey! Kelly designed and made the table. 🙂 He was experimenting with different shapes, formica and legs about two years ago and then sold them on ebay. He’s hoping to start making them again soon because he really enjoys designing his own stuff.

      • GET OUT!!! That table is amazing. The ply on the edges is beautiful and I love the shape. It’s not too big or too small… just right, my dear. There’s just too much talent in your house! Really amazing.

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