Whew, time is just flying by for me! I’ve been busy with family stuff… My grandson graduated from pre-kindergarten last Friday and my daughter just bought a new car, so things have been exciting around here. I was also able to have some adult time and hang out with an old friend, so that was fun. This week has been productive and we found some really great stuff which I’ll save for another post. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and share some of my Instagram shots.

● Eames chair, found at Renninger’s Extravaganza  ● Palm tree in our back yard  ● 1930s Picquot Ware tea kettle, thrifted  ● Assorted pottery


5 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Hey Kim… guess what I got today? Hint: It take pictures like this? HA HA! Really pretty! How sweet that your grandson is such a big boy graduating! Did he wear a cap and gown? HA HA!
    When I taught kids his age and we had graduation… when made little caps and gowns for them. It was so fun and the kids were so proud!
    P.S. I also wondered if you’ve been getting some action on your blog. My plant post was FRESHLY PRESSED and I think lots of people may have clicked some links to you. I HOPE THEY DID!!!!! And your shop too! 🙂

    • Hey Stacey! Yay!!! You got a new iPhone?! Nice!! I’m about to throw my old one out the window, so I’m next.. I can’t wait to see some of your photos and you should definitely join Instagram; there are a lot of MCM enthusiasts like us on there.
      So yes, my grandson had a cap & gown. It was too cute and of course I cried my eyes out. There was a whole ceremony and they went up on stage to get their diplomas. Sooo sweet…
      I DID get some action on my blog, so thank you so much! You made my day by mentioning me in your blog, because it’s one of my favorites! 🙂

  2. Aww congrats to your grandson! My littlest sister graduates high school tomorrow …. I cannot believe how fast time is flying. But….enough of the sad/happy stuff – I love that chair and the palm tree picture!

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