Shop updates!

Just taking a moment to say hello and share my shop updates! I had some luck thrifting this week and scored this set of Cathrineholm bowls! I was super excited to get them up in my Etsy shop. I added the 1950s umbrella stand last week, and it already sold!

▲ Vintage tabletop adjustable bookshelf  ▲ Vintage 1950s atomic umbrella stand  ▲ Cathrineholm Lotus bowls

We’ve had another busy week filled with home improvements and yard work. We even managed to squeeze some BBQ time in, which will definitely continue… We’ll be having lots of people over once everything gets done, so we need to practice our grilling skills now. We had a little trouble finding someone to cut our countertops, but we should have them done this week. I’ll be SO happy to get that going. In the meantime, there are lots of small things that can be done. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


6 thoughts on “Shop updates!

  1. Wow, congrats on already selling the stand. Cha-Ching! Love that sound.
    The CH bowls ares so great. If I hadn’t bought that damn iPhone I could afford those. DANG!
    I’ll have to save my money. So pretty.
    I need to take notes from you. You seem to balance everything so well, with blogging, your shop, and projects at home. I need to do as good as you!
    Can’t wait to see the beautiful quartz. I know you’re excited! Great finds, Kim.

    P.S. This is a really stupid question… but how do you make those little triangles in the text? (I’m feeling pretty stupid that I can’t figure that out!)

    • I love the CH stuff too.. I’m proud of myself for being able to get rid of them after I find them. I wish I could do that with some of my other stuff. It’s funny that you commented on the balance thing because I feel like I need to improve on that. Actually, I just wish I had MORE time! So I’ve got lots of lists and sticky notes! Hahaha..

      For the triangles- If you have a Mac, go to “Edit” and at the bottom of the drop-down menu you’ll see “special characters”. You can find them in the misc. section. My computer is a few years old, so it may be different on yours. I just checked Kelly’s and his is totally different! Ugh.

      • I do have a Mac… thank you so much… I just figured it out. DUHHH! I love those little triangles. 🙂

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