Bathroom Project

So we’re finally done with the spare bathroom (for now). We still have to re-do the tile in the shower, but we’ll have to wait for that. Kelly gets all of the credit for this one. He chased me out early in the process because the space was so small.

The following shot is an overall view of the house when we first bought it. This gives you an idea of where the bathroom is situated. Yes, it’s kind of… outside. We love it though. It’s perfect for gatherings, BBQs, working outside, etc. That was one of the reasons for us adding stainless and commercial accessories.

On a side note, we still plan to paint and landscape, among other things. It’s a slow process when you’re on a budget. Since this was taken, we completely cleared the front beds and made a clean slate in preparation for the concrete block walkway and tropical plants. Just go with it…

Ok, so here are some before shots. I wish I had the true before shots of the hideous particle board vanity and sink, and filthy linoleum floor. But thankfully Kelly ripped all of that out before I had a chance to grab my camera.

Ugh, so gross… But the new/old sink is already installed here. That was part of phase one. We found the vintage sink, commercial paper towel holder and mirror in thrift stores, like Habitat for Humanity.

This is a small nook on the opposite side of the bathroom that had some really rough shelving. This was a nightmare for Kelly to deal with. This was one of the reasons for things taking so long. There was a lot of patching and repairs involved.

Ok, so here it is!

So I understand that the commercial towel dispenser isn’t for everyone, but we like it and it’s practical for our future outdoor activities. The light fixture is also vintage, from an old school.

There’s ugly beige tile lurking behind that black curtain, but we’ll just forget about that for now. This rubber runner is perfect for this bathroom, and I can just pull it out and hose it off when it needs to be cleaned. I’m ready for the dirty construction workers!

I really love this sink, especially for $20! That price allowed us to splurge for a new faucet. We’re fancy now.

Now here is the nightmare wall AFTER Kelly worked his magic. We found these vintage Geneva kitchen cabinets about two years ago (an entire kitchen), and Kelly used most of them in his workshop. We had these left, so up they went! Perfect for storage.

Whenever possible, we like to keep the original fixtures and accessories (if we like them).

So as I’m speaking, Kelly is working on the kitchen project. We FINALLY had the quartz counter tops cut to our specifications, and he’ll be ordering the walnut veneer for the cabinets. We’re hoping to get that started (for real) within the next two weeks. For now though, there are plenty of other things to be done. Looks like we’ll be working out in the yard this weekend.


6 thoughts on “Bathroom Project

  1. ooooooooo, I like! I like! It turned out so cool. Absolutely love the paper towel dispenser… want one of those in every bathroom! The sink fixtures are so simple and perfect and I love the light.
    Okay, so tell me what you did to the cement floor. Is that gray a concrete stain or paint???
    Kelly did a great job… with your help, no doubt! Love the dark accent wall, too. It’s awesome.

    • Thanks, Stacey! Funny you should ask about the paint… It’s Behr porch & patio paint, but it’s drying slowly (still kinda tacky), so next time Kelly says that we’ll definitely use the garage floor epoxy paint. That’s what he used in the garage, and it dried harder and seems more durable.

  2. in a million years i wouldn’t think to paint black. looks very sleek, simple and clean. very nicely done.

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