Around the house

▶ Small cactus  ▶ Mexican blanket getting ready to be shipped  ▶ Summer nail polish at sundown

▶ View from dining room  ▶ More assorted pottery  ▶ Vintage drinking glass collection


2 thoughts on “Around the house

  1. Love what I’ve seen of your home! Be sure to post more of it. I can’t get enough of it!
    Although it’s barely visible in the photo of the Plycraft lounger (which looks awesome!),I think the drift-wood table lamp is my absolute favorite thing! I don’t see them often but always love them when I do. Found on at an antique store earlier this summer for just $35. Not sure why I passed but I’ve been kicking myself ever since because I’ve yet to find another for sale that cheap! :p

    • Thank you! That’s just the little push I needed for getting my next post together… Ahh, the driftwood lamp is also one of my favorites. I found that, along with a huge floor lamp, in a local thrift store. We sold the floor lamp, and decided to keep the table lamp just because it is definitely one of a kind. I actually dedicated an entire post to it. Check it out. ►

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