Back in May, Rex Kelly Mid-Century was having an Instagram contest and I decided to enter. I’m glad I did, because I won with this shot of my Kofod-Larsen chair and Knoll stools.

I’ve always wanted a walnut Eames Hang-it-All, but the original was a bit too pricey for me at the moment. Rex Kelly Mid-Century offers this Eames replica Hang-it-All, so my choice was easy.

We were so happy when it arrived! It is incredibly sturdy and well-made. Thanks, Rex!



10 thoughts on “Hang-It-All

  1. Oooo la la… look how perfect it is! The big win has paid off and it looks like your handbag is happy about it (love it, too!). Seriously, it’s great and I love that it’s brown and black. I like the crazy colored ones… but this appeals to my taste so much more.

    Also, your new blog header looks wonderful. Matches your simple and modern style!

    • Thank you, Stacey! Yes, the new blog layout is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I’m still making small changes, but I’m happy with it. 🙂

  2. wow. that’s an awesome piece. i love how eames (and replicas) double as art and functionality. that’s a beaut!

  3. Love it Kim!!! Looks great right by the pocket door like it would have in the early 60’s! And that upholstered shell-chair,Oh man! Don’t get me started… Love the whole area!
    I agree with Stacey about the multi-colored ones being nice but like her,this is so totally my taste!
    Got turned on to his site a while back. Truly wonderful stuff he has over there!

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