Around the house.

Just a quick Around The House post…

▷ Plant arrangement on a vintage iron + wood table ▷ Burke tulip table + chairs in our dining area ▷ Vintage Contaflex camera + books ▷ Cadell enjoying some Tom & Jerry

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We’re getting ready for our back-to-school week starting next Monday. Cadell starts kindergarten and I just can’t believe it. Before it all begins, Kelly will be taking me on a little weekend trip this weekend. We’re planning a couple days of thrifting, dinner and relaxing. I am SO ready and looking forward to it!


6 thoughts on “Around the house.

  1. Oh you sweet girl!… giving me such lovely eye candy. Love the plant arrangement on that super cool table. (sexy legs) Me and plants == true love.
    Kindergarden! Oh my goodness time goes by so fast. Is he ready? excited?
    He looks like he’s having a pretty darn good time right where he is. I love those big screens. Mine’s a 24″ (maybe not quite as big as yours) but I love them.
    Have fun on your trip… no doubt you’ll find some amazing stuff that we’ll all drool over. 🙂

    • Thank you, Stacey! Yes, Cadell is very excited and he makes friends easily, so it should be great for him.
      I wish that was my computer, but it’s Kelly’s. He’s the graphic artist in the bunch, so he needs it. I’ve just got the 15″ MBPro, but I love it.

  2. Love your style and photos. You have a great eye/taste. And love the non-vintage Mac! Sounds like you’ve got some great adventures ahead. So exciting for you and your family. Keep the pics coming : ]

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