Retro Fiend

Here are the latest pieces that Kelly has up for auction. ▼

Atomic style coffee table.

Vintage Homecrest chair.

Vintage Danish modern style end table.

Mid-century modern chrome lounge chair.

The chrome lounge chair was one of our finds from last weekend. It is definitely a cross between an Arne Norell chair and a Barcelona chair. I think the wood inserts between the legs/frame add a nice touch. I’ll keep posting as soon as Kelly has more listed. Check out more of his items here.


10 thoughts on “Retro Fiend

  1. They’re all so BEAUTIFUL! That chrome lounger is super cool. I’ve never seen anything like it. I actually like the legs BETTER than the barcelona. COOL FIND!
    I hope somebody snatches that one up quick. Looks like you guys had some fun on your trip. (from previous post too!)

  2. Gorgeous stuff Kim. You guys must have so much fun together, scouting and thrifting. Obviously your trip away was fruitful. Love it all, shame I am all the way down here, not exactly postage friendly. How do you find the difference between Etsy & Ebay? I’m trying to ramp up my shop but was planning to stay off Ebay [a few bad experiences] but I am finding Etsy pretty slow, probably because postage from Australia is a killer to the majority of lookers who are in the US. What do you think? Do you sell any of your smaller pieces on Ebay? I definitely prefer the look and feel and vibe of Etsy. Your shop looks so cool… Cheers

    • Thank you, Sandy! We have a lot of fun and thrifting/hunting is a huge part of our lives.
      Before I opened my Etsy shop 2 years ago, I sold my stuff on ebay for about 4 years. I liked the auction style, but when I finally switched over to Etsy, I was sorry that I hadn’t done it sooner. I love that you can personalize your shop and I also like the vibe on Etsy. There’s a wonderful community there. I’ve sold quite a few items to Australia, but they were always small packages. I think as long as you can keep it within the small package limits, the postage is fair. 🙂

      • Thanks for your info Kim. I’ll keep plugging away with Etsy I think. I do agree with you re Etsy having a better vibe. I think Ebay seems to foster a bit of meanness in people for some reason, questioning a $1.00 discrepancy in postage, watching an item listed for 99c, all of that, and its kind of visually ugly. You and Kelly must have so much fun thrifting together, my guy is not really into it, hence I need to sell [and hide] a lot…he he

      • Yes, it’s so true about the grumpy people on ebay. We had a situation just last night.. One of our auctions ended, and the bidder decided to dispute the shipping cost AFTER they placed the bid. They got their own quote without knowing the exact weight and dimensions of the package.. sigh.. So irritating.
        I also know what you mean about hiding stuff..haha 😉

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