500 sales!

Well, I’ve finally reached 500 sales in my Etsy shop! My birthday was the other day, so I’d say that reaching this milestone was a nice birthday gift. I’ve been working hard to list new items in my shop, and I’ve also added some clothing + accessories. I’ve always loved vintage clothing and leather bags and shoes, so I’m moving forward with those items in my shop also. Here are just a few new things in my shop!

Vintage gradient gray Mexican blanket.

Vintage Arabia Finel pan.

Vintage lab glass vase.

Vintage Chemex coffee maker.

Vintage woven slouchy basket.

Vintage Dooney & Bourke bucket bag.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! It’s finally cooling off here, so we’re feeling more motivated. We’ve got a busy month coming up and we’ll be going out of town almost every week for various things. I CAN’T wait! More updates soon…


2 thoughts on “500 sales!

  1. Congratulations, Kim! Amazing numbers there… you should be really proud. Love the Dooney bag. I remember these were so HOT when I was in high school. I wanted one so bad… but never could afford it. Seeing it here brings back lots of memories ( ha ha ha… of how I never got what I wanted!!) LAUGHING!!

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