New Project ▷ Tripod Bowl


I’ve always loved creating/making things and working with my hands. Lately, I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for something I could make and sell in my Etsy shop. It has been more and more difficult to find good items in thrift stores, so if I started making items to sell, I wouldn’t have to rely on finding things while I’m thrifting. I had to keep a few things in mind, though.. I don’t want to give Kelly more things to work on, so I had to come up with something that I could handle myself. I have absolutely no problem working with tools, so that’s not an issue, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

I’ve always loved plants, and I’m constantly looking for ways to display them. I really love wood materials mixed with metals, and of course I’m drawn to mid-century modern designs. Carl Aubock made some fantastic tables using natural wood slabs with simple angled legs. I thought it would be cool to make a small version of that with a bowl for a planter or catch-all. I originally came up with the idea to sort of carve out the center of a piece of wood, but we don’t have to proper tools for that right now. Kelly mentioned that he had some vintage bowls he had been stockpiling for lamp bases, which are now just taking up space. We grabbed one from the pile, and decided to go from there. I figured I could just pick up some small steel rods at the hardware store, and we would get the project started.

The next day, I was out thrifting, and I noticed some knitting needles in front of me. I immediately thought that they would make great legs for the bowls. I picked out a handful of assorted sizes, and presented the idea to Kelly when I got home. He liked the idea, and agreed to make the first one for me. So this is the finished product. Very simple.. I love it.


As you can see, it’s a small bowl. I have plans to make assorted sizes and legs, just to add more variety. I’ve already got a bunch of different ideas for the next batch.


This particular bowl even has the original stamp on the bottom. I love that they’re all vintage + upcycled materials. Most of the knitting needles you find in thrift stores are mismatched sets and probably end up in the garbage. From now on, I’ll be looking for other materials that I could possibly use for future projects. I’m telling you, people.. being broke = being creative!


So as soon as it was assembled, I took some photos and put it up for sale in my shop. The next day, it sold!

I’ll be needing a drill press, so I have to save up for that, but as soon as I get my hands on one, I’ll be busy making more!


6 thoughts on “New Project ▷ Tripod Bowl

  1. Oh goodness I loved this, Kim. I bought a few “cheap” wood bowls at Target months back with the intent on using them as planters. TO ADD LEGS or feet is GENIUS! Love the idea and it looks so cool. Leave it to you to create something practical and gorgeous. Awesome!

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