In The Garden

Gardening_CollageI’ve got spring fever and I can’t wait to start working in my yard. There’s so much to do out there, and it’s a bit overwhelming. We have tons of trees, including mature oaks, pine trees, two orange trees, and two old gardenia bushes that smell heavenly when they bloom. I’ve also got my potted plants and they’re my babies. I actually have a ponytail palm that is about 15 years old! Boy, if it could talk! I’m also looking forward to adding some new plants to my collection soon.

Here are some great garden essentials ▷ 1. Japanese trowel  2. Crate & Barrel gardening shears  3. Succulent garden  4. Gardening gloves  5. Blomus watering can   6. Clinique SPF30 body cream  7. The Body Shop hemp hand protector


2 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. Great post! You’re right, if your ponytail palm could talk…man oh man.
    I Love your essentials board! I can’t wait to get in the garden and get my hands dirty this spring.

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