Around The House







Happy Monday, everyone! Here are some recent Around the House shots…

1) my small Dansk pepper mill collection/Chemex coffee maker/Piquot kettle + other misc. thrifted goodies

2) Piquot ware kettle in action

3) some new additions to my studio pottery collection

4) my favorite turquoise/silver rings

5) cocktail time/vintage Anthony’s glass

6) late afternoon shadows/favorite lamp (one of them, anyway)

I hope you all had a great weekend! Kelly and I went thrifting in the Cocoa area all day Saturday, and I managed to find a few misc. items for the shop and home. I really love my new studio pottery (tallest ones in photo), which I found at our first stop. It was a thriftbust for poor Kelly, but he has plenty to work on in the meantime. I’ll be cleaning and preparing my new shop items tomorrow, so I’ll have some more updates soon.


2 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. Lovely pics Kim! You have such a knack with plants and styling. Always love to see what you do and how you do it. That lamp is INSANE. Also have cactus envy, which is kind of weird but its the coolest shape. Cheers

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