New Shop Items ▷ Wood Accessories


1) Vintage mid-century trio of hand turned wood lidded bowls.  2) Vintage mid-century wood lidded container.  3) Vintage teak candle holder.  4) Vintage nut/candy/snack bowls.

Kelly also has this gorgeous mid-century modern chair up for sale this week! The auction ends tonight around 8pm est., so be sure to check it out.



6 thoughts on “New Shop Items ▷ Wood Accessories

      • Haha… Yes, I can…at least back in the old days, when we had more time to create. Maybe we should have taken up hand-turning wood instead of drawing portraits of people we had met. Nah, we wouldn’t have laughed nearly as much!

  1. Let there be WOOD! Gorgeous WOOD! Holy cow… you guys know how to pick ’em.
    Can’t imagine any of this lasting long in the shop or on Ebay. Even though I can’t buy, I love to look at all your pretty loot. Good Luck!

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