Home Inspiration ▷ Neon

Overall, I kind of stick to neutral colors in my home and wardrobe. I love color, but I have specific favorites and they have to be the perfect shade/hue, etc.

Color can be powerful, and trigger strong emotions. I have to surround myself with things that bring me peace and happiness. Neon, or fluorescent colors evoke good feelings for me. I was first introduced in the 80s, when every kid was wearing neon socks and Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Relax t-shirts. My mother would laugh and tell me that they actually wore those colors in the 50s. Then I watched it re-emerge a few years back when I was working in the surf industry. I was a surf/swimwear buyer and it was so much fun to choose all of the great colors for the shop. So for me, fluorescent/neon colors = fun.

I love neon colors, but only touches of it. I wouldn’t want to have it scattered all over my house, but a few little bright surprises here and there would be nice.

Here are some great examples. ▽


Two Tone Bertoia Diamond for Knoll 100% Restored

2Triangle Pillows

Linen Pillow with Neon Alpine Print

3Round Planter

Neon Yellow Pod with Velutina Air Plant

4Pot Holders_Spoons

Neon orange and neutral linen pair of potholders


Wooden Salad Bowl, 7″ Set of 2, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow

6Bird Print

The Various Bird Feathers Chart Antique Illustration 8 x 10 Giclee Art Print

7Concrete Planter

Modern Handmade Neon Yellow Concrete Planter

8Aculpulco Chair

Acapulco Chair


Retro Atomic Mid-Century Wobble Ball Light with Neon Yellow Green Color Cord

10Painted Pot

Hand Painted Up-Cycled Pot or Planter


le rouge warriors

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Kelly and I are working on some projects and shop items, so I’ll have some updates here soon.


3 thoughts on “Home Inspiration ▷ Neon

  1. I just love this post! Your picks are great! Just a small addition of something bold into your home really is a great way to add some fun into an otherwise neutral space. Livens things up a bit! You have fabulous taste! xo

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