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Summer is winding down and Cadell starts 2nd grade on Monday. We went to meet his new teacher at his school this morning and he saw some of his friends. We’re all looking forward to getting back into a routine with school, work, and I’ll be joining the gym again. We still have some fun things planned for the weekends after school starts, but for now it’s back to business. Since it has been raining almost every day, I’ve been organizing around the house and going through things. I’m also posting more on Instagram, which is a lot of fun for me. It motivates me to keep things fresh around here and it’s a great creative outlet.

The biggest news here is… we adopted a new kitten! We adopted her through the Humane Society and she’s the sweetest, best kitty. We’ve had her a week now, and we’re looking forward to many years with her.


3 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. I love your house it’s simply gorgeous, lucky you with all the rain we could stand too use a couple of drops. Well sounds like your days will be busier w/your son going back to school, bet he can’t wait…right. Oh congratulations on the adoption of your new family member she looks cute. You have a great week and looking forward too the next post.

    • Thank you so much, Twila! I don’t mind the rain so much, but it brings lots of mosquitos in our area. We have so many bugs in Florida..
      I love to see your photos of your collections too. You’ve grouped everything so nicely! Thank you for sharing, and I also enjoy your music posts on FB. 🙂

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