About me.

Hello… I’m Kim.

I’m originally from Miami, Florida and now live on the beautiful central east coast of Florida. I was influenced early by the gorgeous architecture and plant life of South Florida. My beautiful and creative sister who was 12 years older than me, educated me about different styles of architecture and art deco and modernism in particular. I was 14 when she moved to Manhattan in the mid 80s, and my love for art, architecture, and fashion grew even deeper. I would visit her sometimes twice a year and it changed my life. I have continued my visits through the years and consider it my home away from home.

In 2009, my amazing sister very unexpectedly passed away, and then I also lost my mom in 2012. It completely changed my entire outlook on life. Life is short, and it’s so important to do the things you love while surrounding yourself with the people who are most important. Being creative and expressing myself are absolutely necessary for my well-being. I feel that my journey is just beginning.

So far, I’ve had an interesting and mostly wonderful journey. My childhood was not the most stable, but my mother cared for me and loved me with all her heart. We scraped by most of the time and moved around a lot, but it taught me to adapt and make the best of what I had. I was also introduced to the art of thrifting as a child and I am forever thankful for that. It has become a lifestyle for me, and almost everything I own is secondhand or was actually found curbside. I absolutely love treasure hunting, and I decided to start selling some of my finds on ebay in 2006. Then in 2010, I opened my Etsy shop while I was working as a surf shop manager, and then later went back to school. After juggling all three for a couple of years, I decided to take the leap and leave my job at the surf shop where I worked for almost eight years. I don’t have any regrets, and I’ve been able to focus on my shop.

In 2008, I met my boyfriend, Kelly Lynn, and we are currently living together in our mid-century home, built in 1959. We just purchased it about two years ago, so we’re constantly making improvements that I’ll be sharing on the blog.

Kelly and I both share a love for modernism and we collect/sell mid-century modern, Danish modern pieces, or anything vintage that we feel was well-designed. The combination of our styles constantly keep us busy and inspired. Since Kelly also had several years of experience selling on eBay, the obvious choice for us was to work together at finding treasures and then make these pieces available to other enthusiasts. We’d like to reach out and pass along any knowledge we have and we’re also hoping to get feedback and learn some things in the process!

I studied photography at Daytona State College for two years, then decided to go full-time with my Etsy shop. It was a tough decision to make, but I have absolutely no regrets. I’m currently making a plan to resume my studies, so stay tuned!

I’m also a collector of vintage clothing and accessories, with 12 years of experience as an apparel buyer and manager in the surf and skateboarding industry.

Kelly has over 25 years of experience as a graphic artist and has worked exclusively with Apple computers since the late 80s. The combination of his talents as a graphic artist and master craftsman led him to design AND bring his own creations to life. He has handcrafted and sold approximately 20 mid-century style tables of varying shapes and sizes. He has recently begun restoring and then selling vintage mid-century modern pieces with success.

Kelly and I grew up in this small beach town in the 70s and 80s and continue to be greatly influenced and inspired by surf and skate culture. Kelly Lynn became a pro skateboarder at the age of 14, and is still active in the sport. Music also plays a huge part in our lives, and I still have my vinyl collection that has been growing since the 80s. All of these things make us happy and they will end up here on this blog. I hope we can provide a pleasant and inspiring window for you to peek into…


9 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Hi Kim! I just found your blog in my stats! Looks like we’ve got some common interests in vintage goodies! I love your photography on here! Gorgeous – something I need to work on hehe!

  2. Hi Kim, what’s the address of that awesome MCM home that was in need of a lot of TLC? I’d like to check it out in person too. A real dream home indeed.
    Thanks, Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      I’m so sorry.. it was a few years back and I don’t even remember the street name. We were just driving around and found it. It was in Ormond Beach, Fl.

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