KL Vintage Modern

DanishTeak_IversenPlanterHere’s the latest up for auction at KL Vintage Modern! This is definitely one of my all-time favorite pieces. This is a teak planter designed by Arne Wahl Iversen for Vinde MobelFabrik of Denmark, circa 1961. It features three storage drawers on the left and a planter with removable metal table top on the right side. There is also a slatted shelf on the bottom to hold books, magazines, etc. It’s a beautiful and versatile piece, so be sure to check it out.


Around The House







I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of July! This summer is flying by.. We’ve had lots of rainy afternoons here in Florida during this month, so as soon as we had a sunny afternoon, I snapped some photos of the latest around the house. I picked up a few pottery pieces (keepers) at the flea market and thrift stores, and the teak cabinet was a birthday present from my sweetie (last October). I realized that I never posted it, most likely due to Cadell’s toys being scattered everywhere. I managed to steal my space back long enough to shoot some photos!

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We’re keeping busy with lots of yard work, and the guys have been skateboarding at least 3 times a week. Kelly and I will be taking a little day trip on Saturday to do some thrifting, so I’m always excited about that. I’m hoping to bring some goodies home for my shop.

Around The House





I just love the light coming into our home this time of year. Kelly found the hairpin stand at a thrift store a few months back, and he added a wood top for me. It was probably an old stand for a fish tank, but it works for us.

I’m excited about spring, and have started to give my plants more attention. I’ve also continued to collect vintage pottery, and I try to sell most of what I find, but these are a few that made the cut (for now). The hoop chair has been sitting in the garage for close to a year (or more). It needs some love, but I brought it inside just to play around and see how it looks in our space. I love it! I actually talked Kelly into keeping it, and he’s going to refinish it for me when he gets around to it. I rescued that little citrus tree from our yard when we first moved here. It was just a little stick with a few leaves. I love how it’s coming along.

I’m blown away that it’s almost May! Summer, here we come…


I’ve always loved being surrounded by plants and I get satisfaction from caring for them and watching them grow. When I was a kid, I watched my mother transform sad clippings into lush plants. Living in Miami helped, and we could easily grab perfectly good plants from the trash. Some of my own favorite plants have been rescued from the trash and I’ve been scouring Craigslist lately for some freebies that people just don’t want to deal with. We have a large yard, and one of the first things we wanted to do was improve the landscaping. Of course that’s a huge expense, but we’ve been trying to be creative. One important thing for us is privacy. We managed to get our privacy fence up last year, but we wanted more. We decided that we wanted bamboo, so we researched ways to keep it from being so invasive. Then that plan was put on hold because it was on our long to-do list that required more money.
One day while I was browsing Craigslist, I actually stumbled across an ad for FREE bamboo. It wasn’t too surprising since it’s invasive and people are always trying to get rid of it around here. So Kelly made a call and checked it out. As it turned out, a woman owned some property close to her home, and the bamboo was too close to the road. The city needed her to cut it back or have it removed. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy job, but this was something we really wanted for our yard. So far, we have made four trips and plan to keep going back. It has been backbreaking for Kelly, and one of the most difficult things to do is install the barrier, but we’re really happy with the transformation so far.


Most of the bamboo clumps are 12+ feet high!


After the first trip.


We’ll continue along this fence until it reaches the next oak. We’ll be making our next trip this week. To be continued…

Summertime fun!










Our first month of summer vacation has been great! We’ve been doing lots of fun and thrifty things so far. It has been way easier than I anticipated and it’s so nice to just enjoy my time with Cadell and Kelly. We’ve also had some cookouts and friends over, and it’s really nice to finally enjoy our home and yard. I hope your summer is off to a good start!

Instagram Shots



Palms at the park



Happy Monday, everyone! Here are my favorite Instagram shots from the past few weeks. I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different photo editing apps. such as AfterLight, VSCO CAM, and Snapseed. They all have unique features and create different looks for your images.

I had a pretty good morning in thriftland, so I’ll be adding those new items to my shop today. I’ll be back here soon with some shop updates!

In The Garden

Gardening_CollageI’ve got spring fever and I can’t wait to start working in my yard. There’s so much to do out there, and it’s a bit overwhelming. We have tons of trees, including mature oaks, pine trees, two orange trees, and two old gardenia bushes that smell heavenly when they bloom. I’ve also got my potted plants and they’re my babies. I actually have a ponytail palm that is about 15 years old! Boy, if it could talk! I’m also looking forward to adding some new plants to my collection soon.

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