Around The House







Just some random photos I’ve taken over the past few months around the house. Kelly found the George Nelson credenza last year for $40 (in the second photo), and it’s one of my favorite pieces. I’ll take more photos and share them later. It fits perfectly between our shelves, and it makes a nice wall unit. I also found a Beni Ourain rug for $30, which I LOVE, and Lucy loves it too. Another little find was my Kilim pillow. I’m not usually into patterns, but this one is great and I really love the colors.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!


Around The House







I’m  SO ready for spring, and I’m looking forward to adding some plants to my collection. Kelly and I have been working on some shop updates, so I’ll be posting about those soon. We just went to the big Renninger’s Extravaganza last weekend, so we found a few goodies!


Around The House







Whoa, it has been way too long since my last post! Once again, time just passes way too quickly. Since my last post, Kelly and I both had birthdays. We both had small gatherings at home and they were a lot of fun. Cadell is already done with his first grading period at school, and he received a fantastic report card yesterday. Kelly and I have both been busy treasure hunting and listing new items. I’ll be stocking up for the holidays soon, so my next post will be an update of my new shop items! For now, here are some scenes from around the house.

▶ Turntable + favorite plants/pottery ▶ Lucy sunbathing ▶ Afternoon light in the dining room ▶ New Atomic Ranch magazine ▶ Thrifted Arthur Umanoff chair ▶ The most beautiful birthday gift from Kelly’s mom- a sea urchin air plant hanger!

Around The House









Summer is winding down and Cadell starts 2nd grade on Monday. We went to meet his new teacher at his school this morning and he saw some of his friends. We’re all looking forward to getting back into a routine with school, work, and I’ll be joining the gym again. We still have some fun things planned for the weekends after school starts, but for now it’s back to business. Since it has been raining almost every day, I’ve been organizing around the house and going through things. I’m also posting more on Instagram, which is a lot of fun for me. It motivates me to keep things fresh around here and it’s a great creative outlet.

The biggest news here is… we adopted a new kitten! We adopted her through the Humane Society and she’s the sweetest, best kitty. We’ve had her a week now, and we’re looking forward to many years with her.

Around The House







I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of July! This summer is flying by.. We’ve had lots of rainy afternoons here in Florida during this month, so as soon as we had a sunny afternoon, I snapped some photos of the latest around the house. I picked up a few pottery pieces (keepers) at the flea market and thrift stores, and the teak cabinet was a birthday present from my sweetie (last October). I realized that I never posted it, most likely due to Cadell’s toys being scattered everywhere. I managed to steal my space back long enough to shoot some photos!

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We’re keeping busy with lots of yard work, and the guys have been skateboarding at least 3 times a week. Kelly and I will be taking a little day trip on Saturday to do some thrifting, so I’m always excited about that. I’m hoping to bring some goodies home for my shop.

Around The House





I just love the light coming into our home this time of year. Kelly found the hairpin stand at a thrift store a few months back, and he added a wood top for me. It was probably an old stand for a fish tank, but it works for us.

I’m excited about spring, and have started to give my plants more attention. I’ve also continued to collect vintage pottery, and I try to sell most of what I find, but these are a few that made the cut (for now). The hoop chair has been sitting in the garage for close to a year (or more). It needs some love, but I brought it inside just to play around and see how it looks in our space. I love it! I actually talked Kelly into keeping it, and he’s going to refinish it for me when he gets around to it. I rescued that little citrus tree from our yard when we first moved here. It was just a little stick with a few leaves. I love how it’s coming along.

I’m blown away that it’s almost May! Summer, here we come…

Around The House





1) My Brasilia dresser with some new thrifted goodies. I found the little painting for .99¢ and I love it. The small green vase is in my shop.

2) Our bedroom with a new thrifted rug I found for $3.98. It will really come in handy this winter because these terrazzo floors get cold! Kelly thrifted the bird pottery planter and brought it home to me one day.

3) Thrifted terracotta planter + stand on our dining room table.

4) Afternoon sunlight in our living room, listening to Lou.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Around The House







1. Danish candlesticks // 2. Turquoise rings // 3. Vinyl collection // 4. Hairpin lamp // 5. & 6. Kitchen pendant lamp

Well, summer is winding down and we’ve been working on a few small projects around the house. Kelly found this vintage glass pendant lamp a few months ago, and I immediately knew where it should go. Before this, we had an ugly fluorescent light fixture with a plastic cover. It just had to go… Luckily, he can reuse it in his workshop. The hairpin floor lamp is actually up for auction right now, so check it out at KL Vintage Modern.



Around The House





Ib Kofod-Larsen chair/tulip table/driftwood lamp-all thrifted

Cadell in his favorite chair-found on Craigslist

Our bedroom view from the doorway-Eames chair found at Renninger’s flea market, everything else was thrifted

Stainless footed dish from Denmark-one of my favorite thrifty finds from Cocoa

I’m really needing a weekend getaway/thrift trip!

Happy Thursday, everyone. Sorry about neglecting the blog, but we’ve just been working and there’s not much to blog about. We haven’t been thrifting as much lately and we’re cutting back on spending, so it seems like everything is at a standstill around here. I’m trying to get inspiration from going through things, rearranging/changing things and simplifying. It feels good to rediscover things that were put away or just simply sell or donate. I love when the entire house is clean and organized. I try to make sure that happens before the weekend so we can enjoy it. Once that’s done, it’s nice to light my favorite candles, put on some music and relax. It makes me feel inspired and gives me a fresh start.

What inspires you?