Flashback Friday


Flashing back to April, 1976. This photo was taken with an old Polaroid camera. I was about 4 years old here. It was the evening my mom and step-dad got married. I was sitting in an Adrian Pearsall chair covered in black faux fur. I loved that chair. This was at my mom’s best friend’s house in Miami, where we were temporarily staying at the time. Between the two families, there were about 8 kids. I was the youngest, and the others were all teenagers. This house was so cool, with such a great vibe. First of all they had a pool, and we were always in it. She had a sign on the wall over it, “I don’t swim in your toilet, so don’t pee in my pool”. I split my chin open in that pool, trying to do some fancy trick where I jumped backward off the coping. Bad idea. I still have a scar from it. They slapped a butterfly bandage on it and I was good to go. Anyway, they had a cool parrot named Cookie, and he talked. He called out names and was very friendly. This is probably where my love of birds began. The lady of the house also smoked a “peace pipe” and  had hippie beads leading to  her bedroom. She had small breasts, which she called teddy bears, and had a pet mouse that lived in a little crevice in the floor, and she talked to it. She also had a small door that went from the living room into the kitchen and I used to pretend that it was a secret passageway. She made the best ramen noodles, and she was always so nice to me. Her color was baby blue. She drove a light blue Buick Riviera and I used to climb in the back window while she drove (remember, this is the 70s). She had baby blue carpet, with blue sheer curtains and a piano that I pretended to play in the living room. Nobody ever sat in there, because the coolest room was the back room where the tv was. There was a dungeon-like vibe in there, with dark furniture and a fireplace. I remember the guys all sitting back there laughing at the 3 Stooges. That’s where this chair was. I also remember that dress. I wasn’t into dresses when I was little, and I couldn’t wait to get it off. It was a really itchy pale pink lace material, and I kept asking my mom if I could take it off. I finally won, because there are other photos of me in regular clothes. Haha!


Flashback Friday


Flashing back to 1976… I was about 5 here. We were still living in South Miami and this was the typical attire..polyester shorts and a tiny halter top. Oh, how I miss that blonde hair! I remember this day. My mom used to take me on small adventures and we took a ride down Tamiami trail that day. This photo was taken at a little souvenir shop. My mom was obsessed with taking photos. She always had a cheap camera, but she was constantly documenting moments, thankfully. This is one of my favorites. There’s just something so carefree about it.

Happy Father’s Day!


This is my dad when he was a roughneck little boy…He’s actually my step-dad, but he decided to take on a family with 2 teenagers and a baby (me) just over a year old. He was a young man himself, just back from Vietnam. The years were a little rocky with my family, but all in all, he’s a great dad and I love him so much! Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads out there!

Here we are when I was about 3 at the Parrot Jungle in Miami. This picture cracks me up! Sooo 70s!

I’ll be back later after I’m finished listing new Etsy items!


New this week on Kelly’s ebay is this super modern Harter office chair. The color is great!

Orange must be the color of the day, because I also have a vintage 1963 Type Face book in my new Etsy shop! I finally have some things in my shop and I’m so excited to have it up and running. I’ll be listing more this week, so check it out here!

And while I’m at it, here’s a great book on my wishlist…very 70s! I love it!