Friday Favorites▷Summer Essentials


Summertime is serious business here in Florida. It’s super hot during these months, so it’s best to make it fun by going to the beach or pool. It’s actually my favorite time of the year, so I look forward to pulling out my beach bag and accessories. Here are some dream essentials for what’s left of summer.

1)  Sisley Paris Tinted Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

2) Linda Farrow Rose Gold-Plated Mirrored Aviators

3) Rio Del Sol Swimsuit

4) Pestemal Turkish Towel

5) TKEES Lily Sandals

6) NLY Straw Bag

Palm Tree/Tropical Print

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!



Summertime fun!










Our first month of summer vacation has been great! We’ve been doing lots of fun and thrifty things so far. It has been way easier than I anticipated and it’s so nice to just enjoy my time with Cadell and Kelly. We’ve also had some cookouts and friends over, and it’s really nice to finally enjoy our home and yard. I hope your summer is off to a good start!

Instagram Shots



Palms at the park



Happy Monday, everyone! Here are my favorite Instagram shots from the past few weeks. I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different photo editing apps. such as AfterLight, VSCO CAM, and Snapseed. They all have unique features and create different looks for your images.

I had a pretty good morning in thriftland, so I’ll be adding those new items to my shop today. I’ll be back here soon with some shop updates!

In The Garden

Gardening_CollageI’ve got spring fever and I can’t wait to start working in my yard. There’s so much to do out there, and it’s a bit overwhelming. We have tons of trees, including mature oaks, pine trees, two orange trees, and two old gardenia bushes that smell heavenly when they bloom. I’ve also got my potted plants and they’re my babies. I actually have a ponytail palm that is about 15 years old! Boy, if it could talk! I’m also looking forward to adding some new plants to my collection soon.

Here are some great garden essentials ▷ 1. Japanese trowel  2. Crate & Barrel gardening shears  3. Succulent garden  4. Gardening gloves  5. Blomus watering can   6. Clinique SPF30 body cream  7. The Body Shop hemp hand protector