I took this shot for a school assignment about two years ago, and then added it to my Flickr photostream. Later, while I was looking for something completely unrelated, I stumbled across the Flickr group Chromeography, which was created by Stephen Coles, a designer and author of The Anatomy of Type. The group focuses on the emblems or lettering attached to mid-century automobiles and appliances. I thought my photo would be an acceptable addition to the group, so I joined and added this photo. *Note-my instructor didn’t care for it.. Oh well..

Last November, Stephen held a small exhibition at the Mota Italic Gallery in Berlin, Germany. As a photography school dropout (due to financial reasons), I was honored when I received a message from Stephen asking permission to use my photo. Are you kidding? I’m grateful to anyone who appreciates my photography, and I’m always happy to contribute a small part to such a cool event.

Here’s a great presentation from Stephen Coles about his Chromeography project.


RCA Victor badge affixed to a mid-century record console.

Stephen also launched, which is a gallery site dedicated to showcasing the best shots. This RCA Victor shot was my most recent addition to the Chromeography group.


Mid-century Olympia typewriter. I’m always stumbling across great vintage items like this one. With the lettering, surface texture and keys, I saw a good shot for the Chromeography group.

I’m really humbled by some of the other photographers in this group. I’m looking forward to continuing my search for great emblems and I always love to see what other members come up with. Be sure to check out You will not regret it!



KL Vintage Modern


Here’s the latest piece up for auction at KL Vintage Modern. This is a mid-century modern record storage cabinet, manufactured by RCA Victor. The badge itself is a work of art!


It’s a great piece and perfect for small spaces. Be sure to check out more photos and details! Happy Friday, everyone!