Around The House







Just some random photos I’ve taken over the past few months around the house. Kelly found the George Nelson credenza last year for $40 (in the second photo), and it’s one of my favorite pieces. I’ll take more photos and share them later. It fits perfectly between our shelves, and it makes a nice wall unit. I also found a Beni Ourain rug for $30, which I LOVE, and Lucy loves it too. Another little find was my Kilim pillow. I’m not usually into patterns, but this one is great and I really love the colors.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday!


Around the House





Just a few new shots from around the house. I’ve been playing with my camera more often and feeling more inspired to rearrange/change things. Kelly finished the first chair of our set of four Shelby Williams Gazelle chairs, and it really motivated me to get some shots and work on some other projects. I’ve been brainstorming every day and making lots of lists. Everything seems to require sanding, painting, or other materials. It’s endless, but fun! I’ve been working on one particular idea for my shop, and I’ll have more info on that soon…

I’m Back!

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post! I took a little time off from the blog because the holidays were crazy, and it was nice to just focus on my family and my shop. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as I did!

So now it’s time to get back to work, and I’m excited to be posting again. Kelly has been working on a few projects around the house, and I’m so happy about our latest improvement. I found this shelving unit on the side of the road about 7 years ago. I always used it for my records and stereo/turntable, but when we moved into our house, we needed a place for the TV. I’m personally not a huge fan of having a TV in the livingroom, but Kelly has his needs.. haha.. So we came up with this solution. Kelly built a “floating” box to match the existing design.


This is a huge deal to me because before this, we just had a small end table that didn’t match at all. It bothered me every day! It’s so nice to have a guy that’s handy. Now it’s all one unit instead of three separate pieces. In previous posts, you may notice that I avoided showing the other side of the stereo shelf. Well, there was a reason for it!




Yet another photo of this space! It’s one of my favorites…

So, this weekend we’ll be going to Renninger’s Extravaganza! I am so excited because we missed the last two (last year). We’re hoping to find some goodies, and I’ll be doing my usual post on the adventure. I hope everyone has a great week, and it’s good to be back!